Sunday, 16 June 2013

The Morning After

I woke up hangover-free. Lots of water and sleep for the win.

Bought some tech stuff (monitors and such) to make writing easier and just burned time until work.

Work? Brutal.

Supposed to see mates but by 1am, they were all pretty shitfaced so I postponed.

I'm really keen to revise my current work and make some new stuff. I think it's because nothing is DUE that I feel like I want to do it.

I'm writing a short bio for my previous Uni and until I started writing I thought I'd done bugger all in the last 18 months.

Turns out I've worked as a journalist, run theatre workshops, shot almost a dozen short films, written a play and designed a show and a game. I've also made it halfway through another degree, started a thesis, broken my first bone (amazing all things considered) and almost become a real adult (being more sober than otherwise).

Strange what a new day brings!

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