Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Ethics version 75.2

Missed the posting last night so today I'll pull a double.


Because I made a whole bunch of alterations to my Ethics proposal AND NONE OF THEM SAVED.

Which means I got fed up and went to bed.

Anyway, I managed to get it all sorted out today and send it to the right place(s), but the form seems to have changed so just to make certain I filled in the new form as well and sent that off.

Having met with Larissa and another of her supervisions (also named Josh), I have a feeling my annoying bout with the whole ethics thing will actually come in handy for others.

All that aside, I'm really hoping it goes through so that I can start interviewing. I have these bold ideas to interview 8-12 people, but to do so in a week, plus transcribe the whole thing then write a six-thousand word chapter in a fortnight might prove a little too much.

Anyhow, with ethics momentarily out of the way I'm about to sit through our second study group session (with Jason and Ed) with a lot more direction this time. I brought my essay for the boys to shred, and I'm, sitting in the Honours space with the sound of fingers on keyboards and a general feel of work going on.

I'm also off to a seminar run by the DERC about bodies in gaming and performance, which is the first of the 10 BILLION emails the centre has sent that I'm actually interested in.

I'll report back later.

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