Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Went to the seminar. First Flora spoke, then Floyd. I'm going to have to say I was much more taken with Floyd, not just for material (even though some of the stuff Flora dealt with was absolutely amazing - interactive tables are like Minority Report, and way beyond my imagination) but also in delivery and what he's trying to achieve.

What really struck me about the whole seminar was the concept of a good turnout. There were perhaps 30 people there and that was good. I am not used to that.

These research lectures had years worth of material in them, and they were delivered pretty much in-house to a small audience. The timing was also horrible, as the sun set halfway through proceedings which elicited yawns and early exits.

I'm glad I stuck around for Floyd though, as I came up with a bunch of ideas while that was going on - and I'll likely be in touch.

And the meeting with the boys? We spent most of the time looking over Ed's Korsakow film (I now kind of know what that is) and discussing options for shrinking down Ed's project - which gave me a better idea on how to attack my own.

We decided to write for next week, seeing as the thing we all get stuck on is writing. Jason takes too long to write anything, Ed is a little shaky on where to start and I write heaps but most of it is useless. With our powers combined, perhaps we can nut out how to approach our own work by looking at each other's. 

So, the themes of the day are inspiration (and how it comes from the strangest places), ideas for other projects being allowed to exist at the same time as Honours, and shrinking things down to expand on them more.

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