Friday, 5 April 2013

Come together.

Today was just right.

I woke up a little earlier than expected, which gave me time to get in a reading this morning.

I read the Rosenberg piece that Adrian sent our way. While I didn't really enjoy the whole thing, I did identify with the centripetal and centrifugal ideas. My general practice is much more centrifugal, a little more off kilter and disparate. However, upon reviewing my own research project, I found that in this instance I'm much more centripetal. It feels like, now that I have a pretty concrete question, I'm walking along a somewhat narrower path without too much room for variation.

While I thought this wouldn't be for me, the fact that I have quite a naturally logical (point to point) brain, it's actually quite comfortable.

Moving on from this, doing the graphs in Adrian's class today was kind of helpful. Looking back over my last few posts kind of proves this too. Essentially, there are bits of research I kind of suck at (the stuff prior to the writing) and I've really been making more of an effort to come to grips with them. It also helps that I've been quite focussed on getting in touch with new technologies.

I've also made a smart move in deciding on my precursor project (immediacy) and my map for Danielle's class (cyberformance) . Essentially, I'm using my two classes to investigate the halves of my overarching question, adding Adrian's class as a potential methods to my research madness, and ideally reporting to Larissa and John with much better formed ideas.

In turn, this will make my efforts more succinct and directed as a whole, while giving me leeway to explore each piece in my usual style. So I guess I'll be writing centripetally while researching centrifugally. And that sentence doesn't confuse me one bit. Impressive!

Anyway, once class was over I went to a cafe and sat in an attempt to write today's 500 odd words. I ended up with about 800, which was a pleasant surprise. Sure they need work, but it's nice to have a bunch to refine rather than two that require expansion.

I'm writing now from a bench in a local park. I've been so concerned about setting up a place to work at home that I forgot something - I do my best work outside, or in large expanses. I think on my feet when I'm on my feet and I generate new material in new places, or at least alternate spaces.

All this couldn't have come at a better time either. I just got a call about an interview for an arts officer position at the Uni. I'm qualified but out of practice, and I'd really like the job, so it's time to bring my A-game to the table. Since I want to work at University level anyway, I figure it's a great place/time to start.

And speaking of space and time, I recently reread an essay I wrote on Forced Entertainment. It happens to deal with their crack at space and time and it is a pretty good read. Last time I asked a few old lecturer-colleagues (yes, I have actually worked with some of them before) for a hand with readings. This time I have a new question: where is the best place for me to get some of my better work published? I think I'll send out a few extra feelers - the guys at RMIT seem to be a little more practical than the Monash folk - and see what turns up.

Like I said, today was just right. Next stop: get work published.

But before that happens, I'm in a great space to read something. And it's time to read something new.

Sometimes it just comes together.

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