Tuesday, 16 April 2013

When the net goes down..

Write! I'm putting together Danielle's essay and the net goes down.

Thankfully, I have a massive anthology of references (50+) I collected during my Bachelor (sans Honours). I've got a really solid plan for the essay and I've drawn a map linking the bits to where they need to be.

What I was missing was a large portion of writing, so while my Internet (home, not mobile) is gone, I've just been throwing words at a page.

From what I can see, I've overwritten (if that's a word) and all I need to do is pull it all together by getting the right references to link it all up.

I'm still worried I've gone about the whole thing in the wrong way, but at least what I'll hand in makes sense relative to itself.

But I've been at it for the latter half of today so I think it's time for some anime and sleep.

Another great way to spend time if the net is down!

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