Saturday, 27 April 2013

Old flames

Since I've such a fire in my belly for what's happening now, it makes sense to have a very realistic dream (as far as dreams go) about an old flame I've been out of touch with for a while now, right?

I've attempted to track her down once or twice but failed miserably. Her name, unlike mine, is uber-common, and she's further off the grid than I was for a while.

Anyway, through the magic of Stalkbook, I managed to find her - in Fiji - and since I came into a little money I might just go on an adventure. Or I might not.

The thing that has me about Honours is just how close everything is - and how interconnected. I'd wager I could play six-degrees with anything(s) and make it.

I started with a finite, fast-paced goal to be reached for pure ambition, and I'm now faced with a myriad of possibilities and no rush to achieve any of them.

It's a strange feeling. I like to think of myself as driven, but I always end up in odd places with stranger people.

Instead of Honours giving me focus (although it has), I'm starting to understand myself and my way of working - in life, in general - in better terms.

This in itself is a lifetime of unpacking, but rather than play it that way I'm really content to just let the cards fall.

Strange. Old flame to present day in less than six...

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