Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Today I pushed more weight than ever before (which is relatively small compared to regular 'lifters', but is about 80% of my own weight).

Anyway, the point is that I spent more time getting the technique down, so when it came time to start pushing a challenging weight, the motion was already there - on the few reps that I was totally in synch, it felt like I was tossing a sack of feathers. On the rest, I could feel exactly where I was failing. I didn't have enough drive through my heels, or I was performing the motion in steps.

The same is certainly relevant to my honours. I'm doing an essay now and I was worried about word-count, so I wrote a lot of words.

Now I have 2500 of them - but at the speed of editing I'll have about 1500.

This is the pitfall of prolific writing. I can churn out words like nobody's business. For those of you reading, I write freeform, just doing the thing without thinking to heavily about it.

But when you really want to concretise something, it's the editing that counts. If I didn't have other life commitments (work, fitness, very rare social events), I might be able to squeeze in exactly the amount of editing required.

However, I do, so while I may not be able to get as much time for this round, I can use this as an experience to make certain that next time, I do.

And since I want to push big weights, I have to adjust. But without the knowledge of the basics, or the feeling of failure, I'd never appreciate what it takes to deadlift.

Game on Honours.

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