Monday, 9 September 2013


I had nothing going into today.

I couldn't hold focus for more than about 5mins. There were only three out of seven, and none of us in a particularly positive frame of mind.

Class aside, I walked out to my desk and went from Chapter 2 1800, to Chapter 2 2300. There is a huge difference between those numbers. One is halfway, the other only needs another 1000. Clearly the mathematics doesn't work out, but that's the nature of the game. It's all about where you feel.

I rolled home and managed to sort my computers out, which is a big thing. This way, I can leave a laptop at my desk and at home. The lighter the load between the two, the more likely I am to make the journey - and the more likely I am to produce work. For some reason, home sucks to study at. I have a feeling it kicked in when I heard the news, but that could be my imagination. Regardless, I work better alone and in space, and the desk at the Hub gives me both - as does my local library.

Anyway, I finished the theatre-film section. I'm on the TV slice with an aim to the new media chunk. Can't wait to be past the 'immediacy' chapter, which is kind of funny considering how obsessed I was with immediacy at the start of the year.

But I'm starving so I'm off to feed, shower and hopefully have a good sleep. I had a glimmer of sleep last night so if that's any indicator, perhaps I can catch a restful night tonight.

Sleep tight fellow lovers. May you all get a good 500 tonight.

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