Thursday, 19 September 2013

Thinking Cap

I think I found my thinking cap. I've been wearing this old beanie that doesn't fit properly. My Nanna knitted it and when I wear it, I get good vibes, even if I look like a dodgy prisoner.

Anyway, the hat has given me 2400 words in two days. I'm over count (10.5k) with a section to go.

It's not great stuff, but it isn't terrible, and the fact that it is out of me and on paper is a massive relief.

First hurdle was being able to write 10000 words that make sense together. Reached - and a quarter of it came in two days and a beanie.

Tonight I try for the bibliography, just in case I get stuck at work and don't get the time to finish the last chunk. Also, I have a feeling that even though I've been pretty good when it comes to Zotero, there are going to be a few things to go after or rearrange (like the fact I have some authours with the same names and such, and a couple of book chapters that I've saved the book for rather than the chapter).

But I have to be up early and this bibliography needs looking at. Where's that beanie got to...?

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