Sunday, 15 September 2013


Everything is seemingly coming together.

I had a little bit of a sick feeling in my stomach this morning, expecting that Larissa might just burn my draft and shoot me (a bit rough, but I have been reading some fairly brutal manga lately).

Anyway, she said 'On Track', which is nice, and gave me a few things to look into, the main one being convergence.

For once, I've already seen something before she sent it to me! I found this great paper on convergence and was reading it a week or two ago, wondering where to fit it in to my essay. Now I know if I dig a little more, I'll have it up and running in no time.

The more I investigate this stuff, the more I'm reminded of a pair of works I've done and one work I saw at the Opera House. It also inspires me to make some more theatre, and I have my absolute baby I want to operate on.

But one step at a time. For now, further investigation into Convergence and Peter Eckersall, who has kindly agreed to examine my work.

Also, I might have to try and get a couple of interviews done. Sigh.

A least it's converging...

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