Monday, 30 September 2013

Super Quick

Neal gave me feedback on my stuff so far.

Most of it I've already hit (thanks to Larissa), but he raised a good point about what I'll call 'internal clarity', or each sentence/paragraph/chapter relating to the overall piece.

Because a lot of my thesis has been written across different time-spans, not everything fits. Some bits work better than others, but as a whole its a little patchy.

Here's an idea of how to make it work overall:

Chapter One – What is New Media?: Understanding New vs Old.
Chapter Two – Liveness and Co-presence: Theatre vs Recorded.
Chapter Three – Convergence and Hapticity: Where New meets Old.

Overall – Theatre’s character is already in use for each of these, whether to borrow, remediate or predate. New Media’s only introduction is the digital, but theatre integrated this almost as it was born, making theatre “the great remediator” as well as the end-point of New Media. While NM seeks to obtain the character of theatre, theatre just absorbs NM into the repertoire; as such, theatre reigns supreme, the oldest media also being the newest because of it’s capacity to absorb, remediate or converge, regardless of terminology.

That's the gist. Larissa just sent through revisions (didn't see her today) so about to have a look, but I figure if I'm a bit more distinct about my chapters, the whole piece will end up a little more coherent, as crazy as that sounds.

That'll do for now, but watch this space. I have a feeling that the next week has a lot more in store.

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