Thursday, 26 September 2013


Today was both forms of the word, with gusts attempting to blow me off my vehicle as I traveled along my curving pathway.

Another terrible sleep, but the gym session this morning pumped me up to get some serious editing out of the way - and I knocked over the last of the stuff Larissa had already looked through. I got stuck on a pair of leading paragraphs (between the first and second chapters), but opening a previous iteration of my essay and looking at that really helped.

At this point, I'm actually looking at three chapters around 4000 words each - effectively a 14-15K essay. The problem is, it's all good stuff. Methinks I'll need to finish my final chapter over the weekend and start writing an intro/conclusion to get a feel for what is really necessary. If it all works then hey - at least I'm not short.

One particular thing that wound me up was the (to me) annoying convention of having to continually explain (in the form of spelling out) what I'm trying to do. JUST READ THE FUCKING THING AND YOU'LL GET IT. Not that hard.

Larissa did tell me something that made it a little less annoying, which is that my markers are much more likely to read the thesis out of order. The idea becomes more along the lines of putting markers throughout for the markers, so no matter how windy - or windy - there are checkpoints along the way to keep everything steady.

English is a horrible language at times, isn't it?

Anyhow, after doing the latest edit on part 1, I had a look over part 2 and realised that for the most part (again with the English) I'm up to speed there. I need to fold in some Convergence stuff a little earlier and perhaps be a little less abrupt with the Co-presence, which means I can round the whole thing up with some Hapticity, rub my hands together and open a beer.

It's a windy road on a windy day, but I'm staying on my bike and loving the ride!

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