Wednesday, 13 March 2013


New name, new direction. Finally I'm starting to wrap my head around this new tech - and it's becoming a little addictive.

Aside from that I spent my day at work, but thinking about my potential project. I'm really feeling I'd like to create something and I have a huge idea for what it is. While I was washing dishes at home I heard a song ("Sempiternal/Amaranth" by School of Seven Bells) that would be great as a backdrop for the piece. It's about three steps after the first piece I did in this series ("Connected" with Suz Stevens at Monash Uni), but I could probably do an exploratory effort that lies somewhere in between?

Alternately, I could use this year to rip into a thesis that could be the starting point for my PhD research - and explore the next stages as a growth process of this (as far as I can tell) new way of working.

Legs On The Wall, The Wooster Group, Forced Entertainment, La Fura Dels Baus... all of these groups take what's there, pull it apart and reassemble it in unusual ways. But somehow, it all seems a little stuck in the 90's, or for the fellow theatre lovers, a little postmodern.

I guess what I'm trying for is the next step, the next wave. It's not about destroying, or collage or the denial of originality. It's about creating, uniting and sharing across space and time. It's a tough ask but it's alive and it's not a selfish pursuit - that's the main thing.

But in order to do it I have to start small. I'm in the process of refining, and it looks a lot more like "Immediacy in multimedia" than the initial question I had in mind. The future starts with now and now is the media age.

No time like the present!

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