Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Alright! Finally I can get back onto the study track - and now with the additional bonus of having some sort of supervision!

Ben and I met John (Postill) while he was looking for directions to meeting with us. We all took the lift up to Larissa (Hjorth) and the four of us had an hour long discussion about where we're coming from and potentially where we'll end up.

It appeared that the Drs were interested in Ben's line of enquiry a little more than mine. It also appeared that Ben wanted more guidance than myself, so I was happy to let them go at it and just listen to what they were talking about. Much of what was going on was relevant to places I've come from (activism in particular) and places I'd like to get to (participation), but wasn't directly linked.

My turn arrived and Larissa and I spoke of immediacy and locative media. Drawing on a few shared resources and the prior conversation, we came up with a rough game plan. I thought I'd already refined my question to a decent degree but we shrank it further (from immediacy in digital performance to immediacy in Melbourne's digital performance).

Then the real work began. We spoke about differing media types (mobile or locative seemed to be the top two) and about a few companies (Blast Theory - a great find considering both Larissa and I are familiar with their work - and Avatar Body Collision - a find of my own and a great counterpoint to Blast Theory in a few ways). We also spoke on the potential of case studies and how this would work as a way to shrink the question further, or move in a different direction.

Potential Questions at this point are:
Immediacy in BT and ABC (case study)
BT vs ABC (case study) - evolution of media in digital performance over the last 10 years
Using 'Upstage' to create modern theatre
Immediacy and mobile media

I'm stuck as to where exactly to go for the moment, but Larissa gave me a bunch of books to read (one of which I've already been reading) and John shot me a few articles that contain potential theories to draw from.

Ben and I had a quick chat afterwards just to see how we both were travelling. Turns out we're both more confused but both happier at the same time. This honours journey is hitting the liminal stage with full force.

But that's enough for now. I have some reading to do or my team of Supervisors will be unimpressed..

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