Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Welcome to Week 2

Feeling a little behind the eight-ball upon entering this week, having missed out on a class yesterday due to public holiday (great for pay, not for studies).

That said I'm up-to-date if not exactly flying ahead. I think the addition of a Supervisor to my project will be of great help.

Anyway, spent the first half of today ploughing through a couple of general readings and one very specific one - Susan Davis, "Liveness, mediation and immediacy" in Research in Drama Education: The Journal of Applied Theatre and Performance, 17.4: 501-516.

Davis' article helped me separate out some ideas that were confusing me a little regarding my own question, which is very close to her work. It also gave me a few options for further refining my question to a more manageable level. I think I'll read it again (I have a habit of reading readings twice) now that I've got the gist of what it was about. Thanks to the wonderful Anna T Scheer for sending this one my way.

The middle of the day was a roundabout discussion of the cultural milieu via religion. It was interesting and fun, but took me a while to figure out where it was heading. Once reached though, the destination was not unfamiliar territory and I'm looking forward to creating a map of the postmodern theatrical landscape. I'm also excited to investigate the practice of some of my influences and see where we diverge.

Anyway, I really needed something that wasn't work and wasn't research to keep me sane, so I went down to the beach (it was 37 degrees) and floated around in the water for a while. The ocean always helps me think and this time was no exception.

All in all a busy and illuminating day.


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