Sunday, 12 May 2013

Mother's Day

Mum got the stupid video Liam and I made for her - and loved it.

We spoke this morning about life in general, and how a year is not a very long time in the greater scheme. I think that the older we get the less value we place on time in some ways, and the more prevalent it becomes in others.

A year when you're two is half. When you're thirty, not so much. When you're sixty, even less. But perhaps we appreciate small happenings more as we age.

Interesting thought.

I worked ten hours today and spent the first five in constant motion, with the second half in near stasis. The time flew while I was busy and dragged on the other side. Even though I wanted to kill everyone from noon until five, at least I was entertained. It was when I could feel the seconds that I became properly agitated.

Same holds for Honours I guess. When you're busy you have no choice but to be busy, but as time opens up it starts to grate. That said, I'm filling my 'downtime' with loads of work, readings and writing in particular which keeps me busy - and active, connected.

I read everyone's articles for class tomorrow with time to spare. I've had the chance to reflect on them individually and as a whole, and there is a great range in stuff. From artistic rambling to pragmatic approaches and the space in between, I'm really feeling it this time around. 

I also got some feedback (horrible via amplification but great in an academic context) on my abstract for the Postcursor. It's funny, because I wrote it near a week ago just how much of the feedback has already been reflected in the writing itself. I disagree with the failure as something other than failure, because I feel that the feeling of failure is a very powerful motivator (at least for myself) and to name it something else detracts from the power of the thing, but perhaps I'm being too pedantic.

Anyway, I have a bit of time and a few chores so this will suffice for today. I think if I counted blog-words I would have a massive word count for my daily target (250-500, but recently I've been ripping out 1000 without too much effort), but this is largely irrelevant.

Just wanted to say Happy Mother's Day to mine, and to all the good mothers out there. 

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