Friday, 3 May 2013


Such a cool thing - except when your fancy new computer doesn't feel like reading them.

So while I wait for my software to update, I thought it might be a good time to blog a little.

Got my ethics application back from the boss (Larissa) and it turns out I did pretty well! A few minor changes and I'm ready to go.

What this means is time to hone my interviewing skills, but considering I just picked up a job as a freelance journalist, this can't be too hard. Plus I did a year of straight Comm in Newcastle and interviewed some pretty amazing people for that.

Anyway, I got in touch directly with Dan from Blast Theory and they're willing to (time permitting) slot me in somewhere around July - right when I planned for it. BOOM!

I also shot an ex-director of mine (Christian Leavesley from Arena Theatre and Uncle Semolina & Friends) an ask and he got back to me ASAP, with some possibly relevant people to hit up and something better - a potential job if my research comes through.

And here I was playing at the wholly theoretical with no thought to the future. WIN!

I still need to listen to the wonderful Kim D'Amazing's ABC radio piece that likely will have an effect on my direction. Kim has a great way of just kind of getting where people are and giving them the right stuff. I tried doing it and I'm okay - but she is bang on the money nine time out of ten.

Anyhow, there are readings to be read and I just saw one of them work so I'm off to read it while the reading's good.


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