Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Sharing is Caring

Having a grand old time passing resources around and pinching other people's.

Today's venture was about creating my game.

Had a discussion with the Boss today. We think I'm (mostly) on track, just have to play with my game a bit more.

I know I should be doing other work right now but when you're on a roll.. Read someone else's blog!

Jayden has a bunch of stuff on immersion. Yesterday he came up with the goods, except I can't help but think of the difference between "Physical embodiment of virtual avatar" and my take - physical embodiment of a physical avatar. More thought needed.

Spoke to Chet about making a game too. She's pumped and shooting a few people my way.

Loads of crossover.

For now, off to write a timeline/gantt chart to share with my leaders.

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