Wednesday, 29 May 2013

What is a Big Game?

Today's theme is defining a Big Game.

Some Games:
- Urban Game are played within a city/with city as play-space.
- Location-Based Games (aka Location Aware Mobile Game) most often has a Location Aware element (likely GPS) in play, and also functions in an city-space.
- Hybrid-Reality Games are mobile, multi-user and offering a space that exists in the virtual and the physical simultaneously, where the physical is also in an urban setting.

Josh's idea of a Big Game:
- Do not require an Urban space (Popup Playground, Coney), but may use one.
- Do not require any technology (Popup Playground, Coney), but may use some.
- Must be interactive.
- Must be immersive.
- Must be mobile (by this I mean replicable, not site specific) 
- Are (ideally) innovative (not a prerequisite, but

So Josh's Big Game concept is standalone - and inclusive:
- Urban, LBGs and HRGs all count as Big Games as well as their own things.
- Site-Specific Performance isn't Big Gaming (not interactive, or able to be replayed at a different location)

But needs more exploration:
- Theatre Games
- Pervasive Gaming

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