Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Performing Research

An oddly good day.

My housemate moved out (which was annoying as all hell but I'm glad it happened) which means my new/old housemate - my brother - can move back in. It also means that for 24 hours I'll have the place to myself, which I find very productive.

I got my essay back from Danielle and what do you know? My first RMIT HD. Feedback included the usual (no more hyperbole, better editing, a version of Adrian's cone thing) as well as a few things to read and explore - including ludology (again, Kim with the goods).

I really felt like I'd done something with this essay even before getting it back, like I'd somehow married my playful performing arts nature with the more academic notions of essaying. When it came to question time, I didn't need much because I'd already been thinking about it and putting it into practice. I kind of just wanted to get back to writing, which is really not like me at all..

Anyhow, I moved Neal's draft over into Scrivener and found a thread that fits, which is using the research relative to performers (rehearsal, dramaturgy, etc.) as a way of expressing my own practice as research - and writing. It's engaging, contemporary and genuine - exactly what I'm about. It also helps me to avoid my (so far) common pitfalls. As soon as I get 'wanky', I pick up on it, but I have a little leeway to play with form regardless. Sounds counter-intuitive, but it really works for me - and instead of explaining it I'm going to just do it and that's that!

Anyway, I'm off to use metaphors that aren't and get some much needed sleep.

A performer researching performance without performing isn't performing research. Say that 10 times fast!

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