Sunday, 26 May 2013


Really good to see my old friends, but sad to find they're doing (relatively) zero.

We drank in the way old friends do, freely, lacking concept of the liver and kidney damage and just trading stories.

We'll all be sore tomorrow, but it appears I'm the Lone Ranger regarding forward motion. It's a little sad, but it is what it is (what a lame phrase) and I love them all regardless.

Suz is keen to do what I do, a bit because she loves the idea, but because she needs to feel like she's a part of something.

Tom is in the throes of a full blown relationship. Adam is filled with post-relationship blues, a 'status' years gone by that he can't shake.

Jorge is off to Italy to trace his roots. He's the most medically unstable (as far as Western medicine dictates) but by far the most socially reasonable.

The rest is just smalltalk, so ignored for now.

I'm re-writing Neal's essay. The hope is tomorrow is the last day, but I predict an extra day in lieu of awful hangover (drink works differently when you're not in constant contact) which means I may ask for my first (only) extension at RMIT. Worked at Monash, so I foresee few issues, plus I may squeeze in a birthday and a revisit from a good mate.

Anyhow, I need a little rest, but I'm glad I saw folk and I'm happy I squeezed in a couple of hours editing prior to my current state.

To bed sweet fellows, and for those awake enjoy the bonds that socialising brings.

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